Tom's Eight Lives
Voiced by Dave B. Mitchell (2nd life, 3rd life, 6th life)

Tom Kenny (4th life, 5th life, 8th life)
Rene Mujica (7th life)

Physical Information
Species Ghost Cats
Gender Male
Personal Information
Friends Tom Cat
Enemies Jerry Mouse

Three-Headed Devil Dog

First Appearance Ghost of a Chance
Tom's Eight Lives are Tom's ghosts that appeared in The Tom and Jerry Show episode, "Ghost of a Chance". In the episode, Tom needs to make sure he doesn't lose his last life. So, he brings them back using a spell. Later, he conspires with the ghosts to catch Jerry. After learning they can't eat Jerry, because he's solid, they go off and do their own thing.


Season 1Edit

Season 2 Edit


  • Unlike Tom, His Eight Lives speak human language.
  • In Dog Daze They are not Shown Anywhere throughout the episode.