The Tom and Jerry Show is a 2013 television series based on Tom and Jerry. The show made its worldwide debut on Teletoon on March 1st, 2014, and aired on April 6th, 2014 on Cartoon Network USA. It also premiered April 7, 2014 on Cartoon Network Latin America. The show is currently on hiatus in the United States, but clips from Boomerang UK's YouTube channel featuring unreleased content show that a third season has already started airing in the United Kingdom.[1][2]


The series follows the antics of Tom in his pursuit to catch Jerry. However, episodes can follow one of four different scenarios, including:

  • Tom and Jerry's antics in a modern day urban setting.
  • Tom and Jerry being pets to two witches named Beatie and Hildie.
  • Tom and Jerry working together in the city by operating an agency called "The Cat and Mouse Detectives," complete with a narrator (voiced by Gary Cole)
  • Jerry living in a lab with a rat companion named Napoleon, and Tom being an alley cat. This scenario was discontinued after Season 1.

Starting with Season 2, the segments were reduced to seven minutes instead of eleven and now have three segments instead of two.


"The iconic cat and mouse rivals are back in The Tom and Jerry Show, a new, fresh take on the classic series. Preserving the look, characters and sensibility of the original, the all-new series shines a brightly colored, high-definition lens on the madcap slapstick and never-ending battle that has made Tom and Jerry two of the most beloved characters of all time."[3]



  • Tom Cat - A blue cat who is always chasing Jerry. Tom lives with Spike in Rick and Ginger's house. Although Tom can speak, he prefers to be silent.
  • Jerry Mouse - A brown mouse who is always running from Tom. Jerry secretly takes residence in Rick and Ginger's house. Although Jerry can speak, he prefers to be silent.
  • Butch Cat - A black alley cat who lives on the streets near Rick and Ginger's house. He is Tom's rival.
  • Spike the Bulldog - A muscular bulldog who beats Tom and/or Jerry whenever they get in his way. Spike will also beat them up if they harm his son, Tyke. Spike lives with Tom in Rick and Ginger's house.
  • Tyke the Bulldog - The son of Spike. However, Rick and Ginger seem to not know about this.
  • Quacker - A yellow duckling who is a friend of Jerry.
  • Nibbles Mouse (Tuffy) - Jerry's nephew who wears a diaper and lives with him in their hole.
  • Rick and Ginger - The owners of Tom, Spike, and Tyke. Rick favors Spike while Ginger favors Tom.


  • The Narrator - A speaker that tells the stories during the detective scenario episodes.
  • Meathead - Butch's friend who is a rival of Tom.
  • Toodles Galore - A female cat of which Tom and Butch have a crush on.
  • Hildie and Beatie - Two witches who own Tom, Jerry, and Newt.
  • Newt - A triton who has a patch and assists Tom and Jerry during the witch scenario.
  • Uncle Pecos - Jerry's cowboy uncle.
  • Napoleon - A gray rat who is friends with Jerry. (discontinued after Season 1)
  • Dr. Bigby - A scientist who owns Napoleon and Jerry in the lab scenario. (discontinued after Season 1)



  • The show evokes the classics (like Warner Bros. series New Looney Tunes/Wabbit), but tries to stay away from a lot of the cliches (e.g. rarely TNT). Sometimes a cliche will be used if needed.
  • The show shares it's name with The Tom and Jerry Show from 1975.
  • Tom's screams and the sound effects of Tom and sometimes Jerry in the episodes are copied voice clips from William Hanna's recordings that were first recorded in the original "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.
  • Tom and Jerry are capable of talking like the rest of the characters. However, they prefer to be silent. 
  • In this show, Spike sometimes will get back at Jerry because Spike finally notices it was Jerry who was really responsible for bothering his son, stealing his bones and getting bothered and injured. (As seen in "Birthday Bashed" and some episodes as well.)
  • In this show, Tom is still enemies with Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Tuffy and Quacker. (However, with some exceptions.)
  • In this show, Tom and Butch are sometimes enemies.
  • In this show, Tyke is still friends with Jerry.
  • In this show, Tom's sometimes shown to be good friends with Spike, and sometimes likes/tolerates Tyke, Jerry, and Tuffy.


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