Jerry Mouse
Voiced by Kate Micucci
Physical Information
Species Brown mouse
Gender Male
Personal Information
Friends Tom Cat (sometimes; frequently in The Detective Series)

Tyke the Bulldog
Little Quacker
Toots (girlfriend)
Spike the Bulldog
Gigi (girlfriend)

Family Tuffy Mouse (nephew)
Enemies Butch Cat

Tom Cat (sometimes; always in The Mad Science series)
Meathead Cat

Occupation House Mouse (as seen in, Tom and Toodles's wedding; temporary; always in the Rick and Ginger's house)
Witch Mouse
Private investigator
Lab Mouse
Current Residence Rick and Ginger's House
Beatie and Hildie's House
Tolucaville Detective Agency
Dr. Bigby's Lab
First Appearance Spike Gets Skooled

Jerry Mouse is one of the protagonists of the Cartoon Network/Teletoon animated series The Tom and Jerry Show. He is a house mouse and a rival of Tom/Tom Cat.


Cartoon DescriptionEdit

This wily and resilient mouse is adept at outsmarting his nemesis, Tom and Jerry, I am a beautiful day Of school and work. He Can't Speak. She is a Mute

Appearance Edit

Jerry is a small mouse with brown fur. He has a brown stomach and light Brown colored ears. And he also has pink feet. The pads are Pink on his stomach.


Season 1Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • 201a: "Dental Case"
  • 201b: "Picture Imperfect"
  • 201c: "One-Way Cricket"
  • 202a: "Slinging in the Rain"
  • 202b: "Squeaky Clean"
  • 202c: "Tough Luck Duck"
  • 203a: "The Paper Airplane Chase"
  • 203b: "Round Tripped"
  • 203c: "Smitten with the Kitten"
  • 204a: "Cheesy Ball Run"
  • 204b: "Say Uncle"
  • 204c: "Here Come's the Bribe"
  • 205a: "Slaphappy Birthday"
  • 205b: "Tuffy's Big Adventure"
  • 205c: "Dragon Down the Holidays"
  • 206a: "Big Top Tom"

Gallery Edit

Relationships Edit

Tom CatEdit

The relationship, between Tom and Jerry is frenemies because sometimes they fight and sometimes not. This makes in some episodes of the show like (Perfume Party) where Jerry helped Tom in giving Toodles a worst perfume so that Toodles will break up with Butch.

Another thing, is explained in the Detective Series they are always seems to be friendly and unlikely the Science Series they always fight. But the relationship of Tom and Jerry is always active as a 'frenemies'.

Tuffy MouseEdit

He is Jerry's nephew, who also cares about him.

Spike the BulldogEdit

Spike, sometimes protects Jerry from Tom same with Tom's relationship they are also frenemies.